Inclusive Leadership Award

Inclusive leaders stay accessible and work hard to get other people talking. In one on one conversations, they are good listeners and they take an authentic interest in others. In groups, they are strong facilitators to encourage genuine dialog. They look for maximum participation. You may hear them ask questions like who else should we include in this process. They also have a high comfort level with ambiguity. They keep the communication process open and are willing to adjust to new points of view. To be considered for this award, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Have an extraordinary background on building and leading inclusive teams.
  • Understand the impact of inclusive leadership.
  • Posses the necessary competencies for building effective collaboration and fostering psychological safety in their teams.
  • Demonstrate fairness, empathy, and integrity through inclusive leadership practices that embraces the differences of team members while boosting innovation and impacting bottom-line success.
  • Empower those around them by promoting achievement and continuous advancement for his/her organization.