We offer single day Training sessions for individuals who would like to sharpen their leadership skills and ensure that they are guiding their team in the most inclusive manner possible. This day includes specific training on inclusive teams, culture, training, and leadership. We would like to invite you to participate in our various training offerings listed below. Each session is scheduled for either 4 or 6 hours. To read the descriptions, please click on the links of the title to learn more about the workshop.

Inclusion 101

Talking about Diversity and Inclusion can be challenging when you are not familiar with the key concepts of it. The main focus of this training is to create the foundation of knowledge needed to understand and cultivate an Inclusion environment. This training will provide an understanding exclusion, privilege, biases, microaggressions and inequality. We will navigate and introduce many important concepts that will help you begin to develop an inclusive mindset.

Inclusive Teams

Building high performing teams provides leaders with the right pathway to build an inclusive working environment by providing the necessary mechanisms to enhance inclusive behaviors. By building inclusive teams you will create and cultivate a culture of inclusion that will bring our the best individually and collectively as a team. In this training we will share best practices for establishing a dynamic, effective an inclusive team, we will give you a set of tools and techniques you can employ to effectively lead an inclusive team.

Inclusive Leadership

A key ingredient for a successful Diversity & Inclusion Strategy is developing inclusive leaders, inclusive leaders set the tone and have a massive impact on developing and building a culture of inclusion .This training is aimed to help participants create and lead an organization that leverages the diverse talents of all contributors. Upon completion of this training, participants will be equipped with practical strategies to cultivate and lead a more diverse workforce.

Inclusive Culture

Developing an inclusive working culture is key to unlock the business benefits of a diverse workforce. Inclusive culture is the result of individuals and teams who accurately understand and effectively adapt to their social and cultural differences. In this training we will give you the foundation on how to build an inclusive culture that fosters inclusivity by embracing diversity, belonging and equality.